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Put down your load and pick up a lighter way to live.

Creating spaces of grace in heads, hearts, and homes with curated content in...

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✔️  God's Word

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You have always been a

Former: Kindergarten Teacher, Principal,
Anxious Overachiever →
Nervous System Educator, 
Your Guide to a lighter load

Let's trade out a depleted spirit from anxiety, overachieving, apologizing and appeasing for an empowered life of inner peace and resilience.

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"Our connection with other people is only as solid and deep as our connection to ourselves"

- Brene Brown

Curiosity is a superpower and we all have access to it.

What you resist will only persist.

knowing key concepts about NEUROCEPTION  will restore your Energy and heal you.

It's ok to give, just allow yourself to be on that list (more often), too! Hustle culture is depleting souls and the recovery rate is not looking good.

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I  believe

There is strength in stillness.

The path to experiencing peace in the present lies in learning how we are designed the same yet different at the same time. 

Design Dive

1 : 1 Mentorship

design, dive & Thrive membership 

Discover the tool that reveals your energy type and how you best make decisions by listening to your body.
I help you make sense of your Human Design chart. 

I help individuals apply insights from their Human Design chart with key tools from Neuroscience & Trauma-Informed Care to become more confident decision makers and use their specific gifts to fulfill their purpose in work that lights them up!

A hub and community with self-paced courses in Human Design, Neuroscience, and God's Word so you can overcome limiting beliefs and fears and step into your God-given superpowers.

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Client Love

You, my friend, have one of the most beautiful souls.

"Your courageous vulnerability that you shared yesterday was truly inspiring. I thought about you so much and continue to do so today. Your new life path is exactly what you need to do. I am proud of you and look forward to learning from you."

- Tammy S,
Elementary Principal

Join these members and others inside Design, Dive & Thrive™. 

Amy, I'm thankful that you chose to use all you went through to help others.

"I am thankful that you listen well, have shown me my design and purpose and how to live in healthy spaces; so that I am moving forward!"

-Jess G, PK Special Education Paraeducator

I make Neuroscience, Trauma-Informed Care and God's Word palatable and practical in 7-10 minute videos for human-givers like you!

Client Love

"For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and sound of mind."

- 2 Timothy 1:7

hello there!

I'm Amy and I am freaking passionate about helping ambitious, overachieving women like you harness greater confidence, stop overthinking, start conquering their fears and crush their goals. 

Once an educator, always an educator.
Kindergarten Teacher → Preschool Principal →
Nervous System Educator

I am a 1/3 Emotional Generator which means I have lots of energy to hold a space of grace for the both of us!

I am crazy about pouring into insatiably curious women who aim to be the best version of themselves, personally and professionally. Discover the design of your authentic self and it’s purpose your heart is calling you towards.

I believe everyone has a story.
I am curious about yours! 

Here's mine

Your unique energetic blueprint is at your fingertips. 

Discover how you were designed to make decisions based on your energy type!

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Helping givers learn to receive & experience peace by rewiring the deep neural pathways that deplete their energy and rob them of the present moment.